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Healthy skin begins with great, quality ingredients incorporated into a consistent skincare regimen. To find just that, look no further than R2BNATURALLY. Our skincare products are made using natural and organic oils, butters, herbs, and botanicals. One of our fan (and personal) favorites, the R2BNATURALLY Trio, offers amazing products to help establish a solid foundation for your skincare needs. The Trio includes a cleansing bar of soap, exfoliating body scrub, and moisturizing shea butter cream, all formulated with rich emollients. Once our soap works its magic to clean, soften, and refresh your skin, the body scrub gently unclogs pores of oils, dirt, and buildup. This allows the shea butter to penetrate the layers of your skin more deeply, resulting in smooth, supple, hydrated skin. Your skin will be left with a subtle shine and healthy glow.

The soap:

Each bar starts out as the perfect blend of organic coconut oil and super-fat, attributing to the bar's great lather, superb cleansing properties, and added moisture that leaves your skin feeling fresh. 

The body scrub:

The magic in the scrub is due in-part to the balance of oatmeal, rice powder, turmeric, and cinnamon. Each of these ingredients bring with them added antioxidants and tons of skin-loving anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, healing, and hydrating properties. No need to worry about harsh abrasions from a rough, textured scrub, as our scrub is ground to a powder to reduce damage to the skin.

The shea butter cream:

Our cream mixture starts with unrefined, Grade “A” Shea Butter containing fatty acids and vitamins A and E the butter is combined with other natural and organic oils resulting in a very rich cream with a ton of skin benefits. This highly concentrated cream means you can use less while still reaping its benefits.

RETURN2BASICS with the Trio

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